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Demo Skis

Epic Mountain Sports' Demo Skis

Brand Model Waist Lengths Quick Description

Armada Tracer 88 88 162, 172 Cut with an 88mm waist width and Armada s snow-shedding Tapertop topsheet to minimize added weight from snow buildup, the Armada Tracer 88 Skis travel swiftly and efficiently uphill while the EST All-Mtn Rocker provides versatile performance on the journey down.
Armada Invctus 95 95 167, 176 The Armada Invictus 95 Skis harness the same energy and power of their Titanal-infused brothers (Invictus Ti) but ditch the two sheets of metal to create a more playful, engaging feel. For lighter weight skiers and/or riders looking for all-mountain skis that are less demanding to ride
Armada Tracer 98 98 172, 180 A jack of all trades, the Armada Tracer 98 Skis leave little outside of their reach. Catering to advanced riders who need a ski that'll perform remarkably well on just about any given day, in any given conditions, the Tracer 98s love to ski fast.
Armada Tracer 108 108 172, 180, 188 Blurring the lines between big mountain freeride and alpine touring, the Armada Tracer 108 Skis leave little to be desired on the downhill, fit for an everyday quiver of one. Relatively stiff in flex with a versatile EST Freeride Rocker line and fast, easy to maintain Comp bases.
Atomic Vantage 85 85 157, 165, 173 The Atomic Vantage 85 CTI Skis will help you track it down. The ski's All Mountain Rocker consists of slight rocker in the tip and tail allowing you to make catch free turns in the crud while camber underfoot keeps you locked into carves.
Atomic Vantage 95 c 95 161, 169, 176, 184 The new Atomic Vantage 95 C Skis are an all-mountain setup that rocks every snow condition with authority. Based on the successful Vantage Theory, the 95 C incorporates a more directional shape with less tail rocker to produce more precise turns with a cleaner finish.
Atomic Backland 102 102 164, 172, 180 The Atomic Backland FR 102 Skis are the slimmest in the Backland FR family, but their combination of lightweight materials and solid construction make them a dual threat to be reckoned with across the mountain.
Atomic Backland 109 109 175, 182 The Atomic Backland FR 109 Skis are a versatile freeride setup whether they're mounted up as a touring rig for deep day forays, or as all-mountain pillagers when conditions are soft.
Dynastar Twister 65 168, 175 The Twister is a purebred, competition-level freestyle ski for committed mogul skiers. Traditional camber and high-performance sandwich wood core construction provides unrivaled balance, power, stability and edge grip for ripping down mogul courses and stomping four-point landings
Dynastar Legend x 88 88 166, 173, 180 The Dynastar Legend X 88 Skis is a ripping setup for all-mountain riders who love to ski fast and demand the utmost in stability. r.
Dynastar Legend x 96 96 165, 171, 178 The Dynastar Legend X 96 Skis are a great choice for an all around fun ski -- great on both hard and soft surfaces, and light and nimble in tight quarters and trees. The Legend X 96 makes directional changes child's play but retains stability at higher speeds and edging power on compact ice.
Dynastar Slicer 98 181 The SLICER FACTORY is a surfy, freeride twin designed for stomping smooth, easy spins in the backcountry and slashing first tracks. The Twin Rocker profile provides easy steering, speed control, and float, while Spring Blade technology increases pop and shock absorption for playful freestyle versatility across natural terrain and man-made features.
Dynastar Legend x 106 106 173, 182 The new Dynastar Legend X 106 Skis made quick work of the competition in last spring's industry demos, getting raves from testers in the ultra competitive 106 mm class. Perfectly balanced tip to tail, super responsive to turn input but still quiet at speed, and able to carve or slarve at the skier's will, the Legend X 106 is arguably the best mid fat in the world this season.
Elan Explore 8 Green 76 152, 160, 168, 176 Elan created the Explore 8 as the stepping stone for newly impassioned skiers who can't wait for their next session on the slopes.The Explore 8 is all about comfort and stability, combined with exceptional ease of carving with little edge pressure.
Elan Slingshot 82 149, 156, 161, 166 The Slingshot is a lean mean freestyle machine designed for freestyle shreds that want to own the park and pipe and keeping that smooth cruising feel for the mellow days on the slope.
Elan Ripstick 96 96 167, 174, 181 A true freerider that doubles as an all-mountain ski for those who want ultimate versatility on the mountain. It's wide enough to handle powder yet narrow enough in the waist to rip up the front side.
Elan Ripstick 106 106 167, 174, 181 The Ripstick 106 was designed for skiers that seek exceptional performance while exploring all that the mountain has to offer. It's a smooth ride no matter where you take it - front side, steeps, trees, or exploring untouched terrain, this lightweight versatile ski is up for any challenge. 
Fischer Ranger 85 85 159, 166, 173 The Fischer Ranger 85 Skis is one of the best all-round choices out there, excelling on the groomed and still nimble and floaty enough to turn loose in the trees or a foot of fresh. If your idea of a great ski day includes ranging all over the mountain, check out the Ranger 85 what versatility is all about.
Fischer Ranger 90 90 165, 172, 179 Give the Fischer Ranger Skis a shot if you're looking for a serious all-mountain ride that doesn't shy away from deeper snow but really finds its niche on the groomed. The 90 mm waist gives you the best compromise between a pure groomer width and a powder specific width.
Fischer Ranger 98 98 172, 180 The Fischer Ranger 98 Ti Skis are their most popular width. With their 98 mm waist and a floaty 132 mm tip with a smooth Freeski Rocker profile, this ski is at home in anything from a foot of powder to tracked up mank, and you'll be thankful for the versatility.
Head Framewall 84 161, 171, 176 Framewall from dings and delams. Within this protective wall we stuck a Sandwich Twintip Construction for balanced switch and regular riding, and turbo charged it with the catch free rocker tip and tail of PNP Rocker and hard riding camber underfoot.
Icelantic Nomad 95 95 161, 171, 181 Wide enough to keep up with the posse on a pow day, narrow and versatile enough to pound out a few laps in the park when the urge hits you, the Icelantic Nomad 95 Skis are the narrowest freeride ski in the Icelantic stable and arguably the best.
Icelantic Pioneer 96 96 166, 174, 182 The Icelantic Pioneer 96 Skis are an exceptionally versatile all-rounder. The 96 mm width is a great compromise between surface area and edge-to-edge quickness; with the Pioneer 96 you'll find yourself equally at home in a foot of pow and slithering through a field of bumps.
Icelantic Nomad 105 105 161, 171, 181 A stalwart mainstay of the Icelantic lineup, the Icelantic Nomad 105 Skis crush it in all conditions and maintain a sense of stability without sacrificing the playful and surfy character Icelantic is known for.
Icelantic Nomad 115 115 181 The Award Winning Nomad 115 is a beefed up, big mountain freeride ski. The additional girth underfoot gives the Nomad 115 the solid platform needed to float in the deepest pow and conquer the biggest lines.
K2 Ikonic 80 80 156, 162, 170, 177 The K2 iKonic 80Ti Skis are designed to be nimble on the hard pack yet stable at speeds, this high-performance package is ideal for seasoned skiers who're looking to experience next-level edge control.
K2 Pinnacle 85 85 156, 163, 170, 177 Quick, fun and nimble, that's the K2 Pinnacle 85 Skis' motto. These narrower snow-sticks feature an All-Terrain Rocker shape that's ideal for beginners to advanced riders alike. From mogul bashing to cruising with friends, the K2 Pinnacle 85 Skis were built to take your all-mountain exploration to new heights.
K2 Pinnacle 95 95 170, 177, 184 Looking for a perfect middle of the road setup that you can ride just about anywhere? The updated K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis sit at the perfect crossroads and feature an updated rocker profile with more camber and a lower rocker profile for a more aggressive feel.
K2 Pinnacle 105 105 170, 177, 184 This 105 mm underfoot directional destroyer handles everything from blower, to mank, to icy groomers with ease. With their updated All-Terrain Rocker profile that now features more camber and a lower rocker entry, and plenty of surface area to handle the fresh, the K2 Pinnacle 105 Skis rips it all.
Liberty Origin 90 90 165, 172, 179 The new Liberty Origin 90 makes a perfect ski for the strong intermediate to expert level skier looking for smooth skiing and stability on the frontside of the mountain with the ability to head into the bowls and trees sometimes.
Liberty Origin 96 96 171, 176, 182 An all-new creation for the Liberty lineup, the Origin 96 Skis are versatile and powerful. These skis allow you to carve hard on the frontside, nimbly navigate the off-piste side stash, and even blast through bumps with absolute confidence.
Liberty Origin 106 106 171, 176, 182 Sweeping magazine tests and setting a new standard for everyday drivers on bigger mountains, the Origin106 hits the sweet spot. Plenty of float for deeper days, and the torsional rigidity to carve harder snow at high speed, the Origin106 makes the good days better.
Line Sick Day 88 88 165, 172, 179 The new Sick Day 88 will be one of the great value skis this season for the intermediate to advanced skier who spends the majority of their time on the groomers, but looking to expand the terrain that they ride.
Line Sick Day 94 94 172, 179 The Line Skis Sick Day 94 Skis are bursting with personality and incredibly versatile, built for porpoising fluffy stuff to ripping hardpack under the lights for race league. Extra durable yet nimble, the Line Skis Sick Day 94 Skis are your one-stop come up for all-mountain domination.
Line Sick Day 104 104 172, 179 Pioneer new lines or pin it down some of the local favorites - the Line Skis Sick Day 104 Skis gobble it all up. Designed as all mountain directional chargers, the Sick Day 104's waist width and rocker profile lend themselves to just about every type of snow but the deepest days.
Line Sick Day 114 114 180 From big faces in the backcountry to those all-time days pilfering pow in the trees, the all-new LINE Sick Day 114 Skis are the lightest, most versatile pow skis to hit the market. Whether you’re hard arcing or playfully surfing, the Sick Day 114 abides.
Meier Quickdraw 88 161, 176 Meier's frontside carver. Want to lay it over till you drag your shoulder? Want to have such a solid feel under your ski boots that you feel like you are attached to iron rails? This is the ski designed specifically for you.
Meier Big Hoss 104 175, 180 The Big Hoss is the big dudes answer to the "turny" big mountain hard pack ski.  Transfer power effortlessly from edge to edge while storing the energy for that explosive turn.  Point these bad boys straight or make 1000 turns to the bottom of the hill.
Meier Heritage Tour 115 174, 184 Perfection Repeated. Is perfection possible? This annual award winning all-terrain, all-mountain ski comes mighty close. The 115mm underfoot is enough to float on any powder day, while the aggressive sidecut allows you to lay it down on the groomers
RMU Apostle 98 98 175 A one-ski-quiver for variable hardpack, moguls and powder, the RMU Apostle 98 skis have commanding edge-to-edge transfer ability and a surfy feel when blasting through the soft, deep snow.
RMU North Shore 108 108 185 Like a 10' 5" gun on the Hawaiian North Shore, the RMU North Shore 2.0 Skis are designed to charge hard and fast and provide max stability for the rider. This 114 mm waisted big mountain crusher is great to have in the quiver for those deep days, but surprisingly versatile in less euphoric conditions.
Rossignol Sky 7 HD 98 164, 172, 180 Incorporating an air-filled tip and tail for concentrated power and reduced swing weight, along with a vibration dampening, powerful carbon basalt weave, the Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis are easy-going all-mountain freeride skis that aren't afraid to turn it up to 11 when the getting is good.
Rossignol Soul 7 HD 106 164, 172, 180 Air Tip 2.0 makes it even better by further increasing dampness and decreasing deflection while reducing swing weight. Thanks to their ultra-versatile 106 mm waist, the Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis remain adept across the entire mountain.
Volkl Kanjo 88 154, 161, 168, 175, 182 The new Volkl Kanjo make a great ski for the strong intermediate to expert skier looking for a lively and energetic ski for the frontside of the mountain. A Multi-Layer WoodCore and a Titanal Band feel light on your feet, but stable and powerful when you crank up the speed or come across some cruddy conditions.

Armada Victa 83 83 151, 159 As either a daily driver in the East or a down-day ripper out West, the Armada Victa 83 Skis are balanced and forgiving in all terrain. These skis are perfectly suited for progressing skiers looking to explore more and more of what the mountain has to offer.
Armada Trace 88 88 152, 162 If fast and light are your game then the Armada Trace 88 Skis ought to be your weapon of choice. As the thinnest, lightest, and most maneuverable ski in the Trace Family, these babies are perfect for long backcountry missions and laying trenches on early morning groomers when avy danger is high.
Armada Victa 93 93 151, 159 From crud to groomers to freshies, the Victa 93s are a ski that riders of virtually any skill level will appreciate. Shaped with a rockered nose and camber underfoot, these skis give you a reliable edge that'll spring you into and out of turns
Armada Trace 98 98 164, 172 With the Armada Trace 98 Skis you get incredibly versatile performance in a lightweight, touring-friendly package. Designed with a hybrid core that blends a responsive flex with minimal heft, the Trace 98s offer easy maneuverability on both climbs and descents.
Atomic Vantage 85 w 85 149, 157, 165 These easy riders have gently rockered tips and tails that provide reliable tracking and stability through varied conditions, yet retain Atomic s Firewall sidewalls for solid power transmission on hardpack.
Atomic Vantage 95 c w 95 154, 162, 170 LoTheir 95 mm waist and tip and tail all-mountain rocker transitions nicely from groomed to deeper snow. Tamable, but with surprising power under the hood, the Atomic Vantage 95 C W Skis are perfect for the adventurous all-mountain skier.
Blizzard Black Pearl 88 88 145, 152, 159 Easy to maneuver in softer snow, yet solid underfoot when the going gets icy, the Black Pearl 88 has been a top seller for years for a reason. The 88 mm waist is ideal for carving precise turns on the groomed but provides enough float to handle that surprise overnight storm with ease
Dynastar Legend w 75 75 142, 149, 156 Designed to help you on your way up the learning curve in no time, the Dynastar Legend 75 W Skis are the perfect choice for those moving over from a season of renting gear. Light and lively, with an easy-to-turn personality that will help build confidence from the first day
Dynastar Legend w 88 88 159, 166 The "ringer" in Dynastar s all-mountain women's lineup, the Legend 88 W Skis are built for the confident woman skier who doesn't hesitate to turn 'em into the fall line and let it rip. This is a strong skier's all-mountain dream and a ski that loves to go fast.
Dynastar Legend w 96 96 158, 165 The Dynastar Legend 96 W Skis are a light and snappy all-mountain ride with a penchant for softer snow and the quick response you need in tight chutes and trees. The Legend 96 kills it in any snow conditions, anywhere on the mountain.
Elan Zest 76 140, 146, 152, 158 Elan wants to make progress in skiing easy, fun and effective, and the Zest is the right choice for women who already made their turns on skis and are ready to rock the slopes. The Zest is the stylish option for improving your skiing skills, and is especially helpful when you need to do the transition from sliding to carving.
Elan Ripstick 86w 86 150, 158 The brand new Ripstick 86 W will have progressive ladies rule the whole mountain with ease. With a more relaxed and buttery feel than the Interra all-mountain, the Ripstick 86 W is the perfect choice for riding bumps and trees, but it will also charge through the whole resort at the end of the day.
Elan Ripstick 94w 94 156, 163 Designed for women freeriders, it is the perfect match for ladies who are going after good times on the whole mountain, no matter whether it's front side, back side, bumps, steeps and trees.
Elan Ripstick 102w 102 156, 163 No need to put on your lipstick when it's time to bring out these babies, as faceshots will be providing a complete make-over! As the widest Ripstick for women, the 102 W is the ultimate ladies freeride ski to use when it gets deep and steep.
Fischer My Mtn 80 80 145, 152, 159 Forgiving and smooth, this model is a perfect companion for women who enjoy occasional off-piste skiing along with on-piste style. With fantastic performance thanks to Air Tec and Razorshape you are guaranteed a high fun factor.
Fischer My Ranger 89 89 157, 165 Top freeride technology combined with moderate width so cool women skiers are on top in powder and can enjoy awesome ski performance in any type of snow. Thanks to the lightweight poplar wood core construction and Air Tec Ti the ski offers top stability and easy skiing.
Head Pure Joy 73 143, 148, 153 Speed your trip up the learning curve with the Head Pure Joy Skis. With a variable radius sidecut that requires less effort to engage the edges in a turn.
Icelantic Oracle 88 88 155 Light, nimble and precise, the Icelantic Oracle 88 Skis are a more than capable all-mountain ride for skiers looking to tame everything from manicured corduroy to 6 inches of fluff.
K2 Luvit 76 76 142, 149, 156 No one likes indifference, especially when it comes to you answering the question, "hey, do you want to go skiing?" The K2 Luvit 76 Skis feature a lightweight composite core and all-terrain rocker that makes for effortless control and turn initiation.
K2 ThrilLUVit 85 85 149, 156, 163 With the K2 ThrilLUVit 85 Skis the exhilaration and adrenaline become second nature. An all-mountain ski with a waist tending towards the skinnier side, these snow-sticks will have you loving every moment you spend on the mountain, from wide open corduroy to those hidden tree-run trails.
Liberty Genesis 90 90 151, 158 The Liberty Genesis 90 is an excellent ski for ladies looking for versatility and snappiness for exploring any type of terrain on the mountain. Liberty's Xcore has vertically laminated strips of Poplar Wood and Bamboo to feel incredibly light on your feet, but with the power to keep you stable when you hit top speed.
Liberty Genesis 96 96 151, 158, 165 The new Liberty Genesis 96 is an excellent ski for the ladies who are going to be out searching for the deep snow and sending the occasional cliff. With awesome floatation when it has been dumping every night, but still can feel nimble and tight turning
Line Honey Bee 92 144, 155 The answer to your all-mountain freestyle needs, the Line Honey Bee Skis were built on the Honey Badger chassis to fill the need for a lady's playful and park friendly setup. The 92mm waist means these skis can handle hardpack, powder and the terrain park with ease.
Line Soulmate 92 92 151, 158, 165 The Line Skis Soulmate 92 Skis pair their directional profile with a wider 92mm waist and carbon stringers for a seriously fun all-mountain ride that's got some giddy-up to it!
Nordica Santa Ana 100 100 153, 161 Capable of tackling all terrain and snowfall, these skis deliver an incredibly versatile ride. With their 100 mm waist width, the Nordica Santa Ana 100 Skis are the perfect do-it-all charger - now it's up to you to give them a go!
RMU Valhalla 95 95 152 RMU's all new Valhalla 95 is the go anywhere do anything women’s specific weapon. This multi-faceted tool holds an edge when you need it, plows through crud, and floats in the fluff.
RMU Valhalla 104 104 162 Designed as a tool for women who like their snow deep and untracked, but who are capable of taking their skills anywhere with confidence, the new RMU Valhalla Skis feature a versatile 104 mm waist paired with a five-point shape and plenty of tip and tail rocker to keep you above the snow's surface.
Rossignol Temptation 77 77 144, 152 Like a great ski instructor, the Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis. Their narrower waist is ideal for groomed runs, but features a mellow tip and tail rocker profile that can tackle variable and soft snow conditions with aplomb.
Rossignol Temptation 80 80 144, 152 When you've matured into the blues and black diamonds and you need a pair of skis that match your accelerating skill level, the Rossignol Temptation 80 Skis should be right there with you. The 80 waist width works wonders on corduroy, and gives you a little extra surface area to handle variable conditions, too.
Rossignol Spicy  7 86 154, 162, 168 A narrower profile ideal for all mountain riding and touring, the Spicy 7 also holds its own in softer conditions thanks to an exaggerated tip taper and super low swing weight combined with a Powder Turn Rocker shape that helps with float and control in the freshies.
Rossignol Sky 7 HD W 98 156, 164 The 98 mm waisted Rossignol Sky 7 HD W Skis are the best choice for skiers that want one ski for powder to moguls. The Sky 7 HD W Skis also benefit from a brand new Air Tip 2.0 design that takes Rossignol's swing weight reducing design to the next level.
Rossignol Soul 7 HD W 106 156, 164 Thanks to their ultra-versatile 106 mm waist, the Rossignol Soul 7 HD W Skis remain adept across the entire mountain, thriving in soft snow with their flotation friendly rocker profile and tapered tip and tail.
Salomon QST Lux 92 92 153, 161 The Salomon QST Lux 92 Skis, sporting a versatile All-Terrain Rocker and a carbon/flax reinforced wood core, are engineered to tackle the far reaches of the mountain with ease. Thanks to a quick turning radius, the QST Lux is equally at home in the back bowls and on frontside groomers
Volkl Yumi 88 147, 154, 161 The perfect ski for women who stay mainly on the front side of the mountain, the Yumi is impressive in bumps and tight trees, and a great choice on any kind of groomed snow.