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Meet The Epic Team 


Katherine - Boss Lady & Bad Ass Skier Chic.

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Year Skiing/Riding: 30+

Favorite Run:

Favorite Apres Spot: 

Best Pick Up Line:

Secret Weapon:

Off Mountain Hobbies:

Ryan Mowrey of Epic Mountain Sports Ryan 

Hometown:  Fraser, CO

Years Skiing/Riding:   29 years a skier 

Favorite Territory: Winter Park (the OG)

Favorite Run: The Playground (don't ask, I won't tell). Balsh & Bash

Favorite Après Spot:  The Ditch & Deno's

Best Pick Up Line:  Ask Sarah, she's the one who married me!

Secret Weapon: Whiskey & Willow

Off Mountain Hobbies: Collecting junk trucks, shooting, snowmobiling & road tripping

Winter Park Bootfitter Aaron ArtzerAaron - Tech Encyclopedia & Boot Fitter.

Hometown:  Smithtown, NY

Years Skiing/Riding:   18 years 

Favorite Territory:  Mary Jane (for the free parking) 

Favorite Run:  Cannonball after a fresh snow

Favorite Après Spot:  The DITCH! Bull & Bush on tap & Margs faster than I can drink 'em

Best Pick Up Line: You're my wife come have a drink with me...yes I'm paying

Secret Weapon: Grow your own face shield

Off Mountain Hobbies: Cooking & hot tubing


Epic Mountain Sports Ski Tech, CecilCecil

Hometown:  Douglas, WY

Years Skiing/Riding:   9 years skiing!

Favorite Territory:  Eagle Wind or C-Lot

Favorite Run:  Outhouse when it's DEEP

Favorite Après Spot:  Leo's in Downtown Winter Park 

Best Pick Up Line:  How much does a Polar Bear weigh?  Enough to break the ice!

Secret Weapon:  No one suspects the blind pit bull

Off Mountain Hobbies: Varied & extensive dirt bag shenanigans 



Hometown:  Rome, GA

Years Skiing/Riding:   20 years on a board 3 skiing

Favorite Territory:  Everything & Anything

Favorite Run:  Any Tree Run 

Favorite Après Spot:  The Pub 

Best Pick Up Line:  Don't need 'em with a face like this 

Secret Weapon:  Machete

Off Mountain Hobbies:  Fishing & Hunting 



Hometown: Chicago, IL 

Years Skiing/Riding:  25

Favorite Territory:  Mary Jane

Favorite Run:  Turnpike

Favorite Après Spot:  Pepperoni's

Best Pick Up Line:  Hey, you dropped your knee

Secret Weapon:  Hockey Socks & Ribbon Dancing 

Off Mountain Hobbies: Rafting, Climbing, Hiking

Winter Park End of Ski Season Party Epic Mountain SportsCorinne

Hometown:  Erie, PA

Years Skiing/Riding:   8 on a board before I saw the light & switched to skiing last season

Favorite Territory:  Vasquez 

Favorite Run:  Hi Lo Trees

Favorite Après Spot:  C-Lot 

Best Pick Up Line:  Dat Beard Doh

Secret Weapon:  I may look sweet but I've got a lil spice 

Off Mountain Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, softball, hiking & getting crafty 

Justin Bridge Back Ski Tune & Repair Shop Epic Mountain SportsJustin - Back Shop Guru & Out of Bounds Master.


Years Skiing/Riding:   

Favorite Territory:  None you've heard of 

Favorite Run:  

Favorite Après Spot:  My snowmobile

Best Pick Up Line:  Why are you following me?

Secret Weapon:  

Off Mountain Hobbies: