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Ski Tune & Repair Shop


When your gear needs a little TLC trust our overnight ski tune & repair shop. Our lead ski techs have been been in the business for nearly 20 years and are among the most trusted experienced ski techs in Winter Park. We are proud of our reputation for the best ski tune in Winter Park and stand behind our work! 

If for some reason you are not satisfied with our work please let us know and we will make it right free of charge!

Overnight Ski Tunes and Repairs: 

We know how valuable your time is, especially on a powder day!  That's why in most cases ski or snowboard tunes are guaranteed overnight! This way you can drop your gear off after a day on the hill & pick up on your way to first chair the next morning.  Keep in mind that if equipment is in need of major surgery (base shot, top sheet delamination) or needs p-tex application the wait time to complete a proper repair may be a little longer, but don't worry we have a killer selection of demo skis so you can try something new while you wait!

Please drop off your skis or board prior to 5pm - repairs taken after 5 may still be eligible for overnight service, but are subject to an added rush fee. 

Ski Tune Repair Shop Services

Hot Wax: $16

An application of hot wax will help your skis glide on the flat portions of the mountain. This means less pushing of your poles and less strain on your leg muscles. If you notice your skis are dragging on runs or if the base is dull or developing a whitish hue come in for a wax!

Edge Only: $16

Edging your skis sharpens the edges to help you carve through crud and slice through turns. If you notice your edges are burred or starting to rust it's time for an edge.

Edge & Wax: $30

This standard combo is the best way to keep your skis or board in healthy condition. Ideally you want to get an edge and wax every 10 days you ride or whenever there is a major change in temperature as different types of wax are applied to match current conditions.

Tip: Remember to apply storage wax at the end of each season & your skis will reward you with smoother riding & increased durability the next time you take them out!

Full Tune – Stone Grind, Edge & Wax: $40

Our standard ski tune includes a base grind (this eliminates scratches and divots from the base of the skis or snowboard), a tune, and a wax. We guarantee that after a standard tune your skis will perform remarkably better.

Premium Tune: P-Tek & Full Tune $50

Our premium ski tune includes a stone grind (this brings structure back to the base so that they properly repel water), a base grind, a tune, and a wax. A premium ski tune will restore your skis or board to optimal condition it will be like they're new again!

Binding Mount: $40

Need to mount a new set of ski or snowboard bindings or move your old bindings to a new ride? We can do that for you! Our certified ski technicians mount and set your bindings according to industry safety standards.

Tip: When you purchase skis at Epic we mount your bindings at no charge.

Binding Re-mount: $45

If you need to remount your ski bindings to a new position, we can make adjustments to meet your skiing/riding stance and fill existing holes.

Core Shot Repair: Starting at $5

If you notice deep scratches or "core shots" on the bottom of your skis or board it’s important to fill them in so that water doesn’t seep into the base and rot or break the wood. It's a good idea to repair these as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your skis or board.

Surgery: $30 and Up

If you have significant damage to the bases, edges or top sheet of your skis bring them in and we’ll see what we can do to put 'em back together. Our shop guys have been in the business for years and it's a good bet they can fix what's broken! Keep in mind that if major work is required, equipment may not be available for next day pickup.

Binding Test: $15

It's important to retest your bindings if you have recently experienced any changes in your weight or ability level. Anytime you get a new boot or remount your skis it's also necessary to adjust the binding on your skis or snowboard so that they release properly in the event of a fall.

Skin Cut: $25

Need skins cut to fit your skis or splitboard?  We're happy to help ya out! We'll measure the dimensions of your skis and properly adhere climbing skins so you don't have to worry about struggling through on the next backcountry adventure.