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Ski Trip Packing List

So you've decided to pack up the gang and head out for a ski trip to Winter what? Watch our short video on what to pack & how to prepare for a vacation to Winter Park below or read on or a quick packing list and be prepared when you arrive. Forget something? Not to worry - we're fully stocked with any items you may need to enjoy your vacation! 


What to Wear on the Slopes

  • Waterproof Ski/ Snowboard Pants, if you're looking to save some room in your suitcase - you can rent ski clothes at the shop!
  • Breathable non cotton socks we love Darn Tough socks, they're made in America and offer a lifetime guarantee! 
  • Googles - pick a pair with anti fog technology and make sure the lens is best for current conditions. 
  • Gloves or mittens - Look for Gore Tex or snow seal if you're planning to spend a lot of time outside, or if you get cold easy. 
  • Base layers (long johns) -  again its important to pick a non-cotton pair of long underwear cotton holds moisture and will leave you feeling colder. Some of our favorites are from Under Armour and Hot Chillies they keep you toasty for hours & come in fun prints. 
  • Helmet - typically helmets need to be replaced every 3-5 years check the inside of your helmet for cracks or dents before using & remember you can always buy or rent a helmet at the shop. 
  • Face Warmer or Balaclava - take a chair ride on a windy day and you will find out just how important a face cover is in your overall enjoyment level. 

What to Wear around Town

  • In our mountain town, a pair of your best blue jeans can be considered dressing up to go to dinner!
  • Fleece jacket or warm flannel shirt to keep you comfy during apres ski drinks
  • Winter jacket, you can use your ski jacket or you might prefer one with a longer length to cover more of your body as you walk around town. 
  • Warm, water resistant boots - high heels and icy streets don't mix! Pick up a cute & cozy pair of winter boots at the shop & your feet will thank you!
  • Gloves, hat and scarf

Nutrition & Protection From the Elements:

  • Sunscreen - when you're at over 9,000 feet elevation sunscreen is a must!  
  • Chapstick - make sure you're choice offers SPF protection. 
  • Water Bottle or Hydration Pack - we carry Camelback, Nalgene & Dakine in the shop and even have some packs that'll fit right under your jacket!
  • Protein bar, energy chews or any other quick and easy hunger busting munchies! We have cliff bars, honey stingers & more grab & go snacks at the shop these are easy to stash in your pocket and snack on in the lift line. 

Gear & Equipment

  • No surprise but if you're coming out to Winter Park for a ski trip, you're gonna need ski gear including: skis, ski boots, & poles.  Rent your skis here to save 20%.  
  • Snowboarders need a board, boots & leash - rent a snowboard here
  • Go-Pro or Camera - make sure you get a water and crash proof case so you can document all your adventures & tag #epicmountainsports for a chance to win cool prizes!