Custom Ski Boot Fitting Services

A proper fitting ski boot is perhaps the most important predictor of how well your ski day will go.   A good boot will keep you tearing down the hill begging for more while a poor fit will leave you sitting at the lodge begging for a beer! 

Our designated boot fitters have each attended the Boot Doctor Boot Fitting Academy (yes, that's a real place) to learn about causes of boot pain & understand solutions & they're eager to share their knowledge with you! 

Visit one of our educated boot fitters for a personalized consultation to evaluate how your foot is uniquely formed &  what features you should look for in a ski boot.  Our boot fitters will work with you to identify & correct issues with your boot that may be causing hot spots, pain, blisters, or poor performance.  

Read on below for a growing list of boot fitting services offered by Epic Mountain Sports including custom foot beds, toe caps, boot punches & more. 

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Heat Molding of Liner: $20 Find A Boot Fitter in Winter Park

Guaranteed to give you the best fit possible. Place liner or shell into our boot fitting oven.  Adaptable for custom cork or intuition liners.   Heat molding can help to lock your heel in better & eliminate hot spots.  Heat molding can also be used with toe caps to extend the toe of the boot if you need to push out the toe box area & create more wiggle room. 

Boot Punch or Grind: $20 - $30 Per Punch 

A boot punch or grind creates more space around problem areas including bunions, hot spots & sixth toe.   It's worth noting that typically once a boot liner is punched it is not easily reversible. 

Foot Bed Trim: $7 

Don't struggle with the scissors come on over and we'll trim up your foot beds for an exact fit using our shears.  Having trouble deciding on which foot bed to purchase?  We'll measure your foot's length arch width & to help you determine which style of foot bed to purchase. 

Hotronic Installation: $20 

Only the best invention ever for those of us that struggle with constantly freezing feet!   We can run the wiring, install the battery and trim your foot beds to install the Hotronic device.  Note: Installation does not cover purchase of the Hotronic device, these are available for purchase in the shop & typically run between $199-$249.

Custom Boot Work: $45/hour 

Need a bit more intensive work to ensure the perfect fit?  Custom boot works starts at $45/hour.