Rental Pickup and Return Instructions


Equipment Pickup Instructions: 

Lift Ticket and Rental Reservations are REQUIRED.  

  • When you arrive to pick up your gear, please send 1 person from your party inside to check in at the Front Counter.
  • We will have you review your rental details to be sure all information is correct.  You will also be given a rental marker for each person in your group.
  • In the event that we are unable to fit you right away, we will add you to the waitlist.  You will receive a text message to alert you when we are ready to fit your rentals.  
  • If we are within our capacity limits, you are welcome to hang out in the shop. 
  • If we have reached maximum capacity, you will be asked to wait in your vehicle or in our outdoor waiting area. 
  • You will receive a text message to alert you when we are ready to fit your rentals. 
  • Once you've been alerted that it is your turn to be fitted, please have a seat on a rental fitting bench and remove your shoes.   
  • Renters within the same group may sit together.  Otherwise, please allow a MINIMUM of 6 ft distance between yourself and other renters. 

Equipment Return Instructions

  • Please send 1 member of your party inside and kindly give one of our team members the last name on your rental.  
  • We will pull up your information to check you in while you return your gear. 

Return Your Poles

  • Drop your ski poles in the metal waste basket labeled "Return Poles Here"

Return Your Boots & Helmet:

  • Please place your boots and helmet in the GREEN bin. 
  • Ski Boots - Buckle your boots (be sure the tongue of the boot is on the inside).  Use the power strap to attach ski boots together. 
  • Snowboard Boots - Please tighten the BOA (lace system) on the boots before placing in boot return bucket. 

Return Your Skis / Snowboard / Snowshoes

  • Please use the "RETURN" door and bring your skis/snowboard inside and place (tips up)  in one of the RED RETURN racks inside the shop.  Please wait for a rental tech to check your gear in before leaving. 

Return Backcountry Pack or Rental Clothing

  • Please check that you have removed any personal belongings and then return this gear at the Front Counter.