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When it comes time for a bike tune there's no better place to take your ride then to our full service bike repair shop. A lifetime of charging trails and tinkering with moving parts has prepared our bike technicians to identify and correct virtually any bike related issue.

Thanks to our professional repair service & fast turn around times...not to mention our rockin' music choices - we are proud to be known as the local's favorite bike shop in Winter Park!

Bike Repair Service


Most bicycle tunes & repairs are completed by the next day. If a special part order or more intensive repair is required, services may take longer.

*Additional $10 Cleaning Fee May Apply to Excessively Dirty / Mud Crusted Bikes* 

Mini Bicycle Tune | $45

Inspect & lube drive-train, inspect & adjust brakes, shifting & gears.  Set tire pressure & suspension.   Check over headset, bottom brackets, axles & linkage - advise if further repairs are recommended. 

Standard Bicycle Tune | $75

In addition to services included to mini tune.  Wheel truing.  Adjustments to headsets, brackets, axles, linkage.  Bike wipe down. Bike Cleaning & Comprehensive Check of Brakes, Tires, Wheels, Gears,  Brackets, Cables and Chains.

Deluxe Bicycle Tune | $100

Includes all services listed for the standard bike tune plus removal drive-train & thorough cleaning in solvent tank.  Advised for riders who put in many miles, this treatment restores drive train to optimal performance.  

Misc. Bike Repair | $10 and up

Anything from brake bleed, tire install, fork or derailer adjustment, head set adjustment shifting adjustment or any other fixes you need addressed to get you on your way quickly.  Please note: hourly labor charges may apply. 

Bicycle Assembly or Breakdown | $40 and up

So you've ordered your perfect ride, but it arrives at your doorstep not exactly road ready - now what? Whether you just ordered a new bike or you're looking to ship you're own bicycle to be ready & waiting at our shop for an upcoming Winter Park vacation, we can save you the time & frustration of tinkering with parts & pieces by building or disassembling your bike.

*Hourly Labor Rate $50/hr. Minimum 1/2 hr Charge for Labor*

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