Ski & Snowboard Rentals & Rates

Renting your Winter Park ski & snowboard equipment online saves you time and money so you can get out and play as quickly as possible click here to book now or read on below for rates. 


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A Ski or Snowboard Rental Package Includes: Boots, Skis/Board & Poles.  A Ski or Snowboard Only Rental Includes ONLY Skis or Snowboard.

Find more detailed information about our ski rental packages and snowboard rental packages here.

Ski Rentals & Rates

Ski Rentals
Walk In Rate
Online Booking Discount
GOLD Ski Package (Demo) $52 $42
GOLD Ski Only (Demo) $46 $36
SILVER Ski Package $42 $34
SILVER Ski Only $36 $28
BRONZE Ski Package $32 $24
BRONZE Ski Only $25 $20
Kids (12 & under) Ski Package $15 $12

Snowboard Rentals & Rates

Snowboard Rentals
Walk-In Rate
Online Discount 
GOLD Snowboard Package (Demo) $52 $42
GOLD Snowboard Only (Demo) $46 $36
SILVER Snowboard Package $42 $34
SILVER Snowboard Only $36 $28
Kids (12 & under) Snowboard Package $15 $12