Ski Trip Packing List

So you've decided to pack up the gang and head out for a ski trip to Winter what? Watch our short video on what to pack & how to prepare for a vacation to Winter Park below or read on or a quick packing list and be prepared when you arrive. Forget something? Not to worry - we're fully stocked with any items you may need to enjoy your vacation! 


What to Wear on the Slopes

  • Waterproof Ski/ Snowboard Pants are a must! Look for water resistant breathable material and opt for a pair that gives you a little room to move.  If you're looking to save room in your suitcase - you can rent ski clothes at the shop!
  • Breathable non cotton socks.  Cotton attracts moisture & traps it against your skin.  To stay warm & maximize your time on the slopes look for a wool or synthetic wool blend sock.  Another tip, stick to just 1 pair of socks when you ski.  It seems counter - intuitive I know but layering socks typically makes your feet sweat & when that sweat freezes your in for a really chilly day! 
  • Goggles - pick a pair with anti fog technology to enhance your visibility and make sure the lens is best for current conditions. 
  • Gloves or Mittens - Get a pair that is water resistant & coated with some added protection (Gore Tex, Dry Tech, Snow Seal) for maximum warmth.  Another tip, mittens are typically a little warmer if you're planning to spend a lot of time outside, or if you get cold easy. 
  • Base layers (long johns) -  again its important to pick a non-cotton pair of long underwear as cotton holds moisture and will leave you feeling colder. Some of our favorites areHot Chillis, they keep you toasty for hours & come in fun prints. 
  • Helmet - nowadays just about every one wears a helmet.  They keep you warm & protect you from tumbles & accidents.  Typically helmets need to be replaced every 3-5 years so check the inside of your helmet for cracks or dents before using. Not ready to spend on a helmet?  Rent one at the shop for $7/day
  • Face Mask or Balaclava - take a chair ride on a windy day and you will find out just how important a face cover is in your overall enjoyment level. 

What to Wear around Town

  • In our mountain town, a pair of your best blue jeans can be considered dressing up to go to dinner!  Pack a few pairs of jeans & leggings for the ladies match those with some warm dressy shirts and you'll look like a local!
  • Fleece jacket or warm flannel shirt to keep you comfy during apres ski drinks
  • Winter jacket, you can use your ski jacket or you might prefer one with a longer length to cover more of your body as you walk around town. 
  • Warm, water resistant snow boots - high heels and icy streets don't mix! Pick up a cute & cozy pair of winter boots with non slip tread on the bottom & your feet will thank you!
  • Gloves, hat and scarf

Nutrition & Protection From the Elements:

  • Sunscreen - when you're at over 9,000 feet elevation sunscreen is a must!  Trust us on this one, lather up in sunscreen starting on day 1 to avoid a burn that will ruin your vacation. 
  • Chapstick - make sure it offers SPF protection. 
  • Water Bottle or Hydration Pack - staying hydrated is especially important when you're at altitude.  Sipping water throughout the day will increase your energy level, keep your skin supple, aid in digestion, & stave off fatigue.  We carry Camelback, Nalgene & Dakine in the shop and even have some packs that'll fit right under your jacket!
  • Protein bar, energy chews or any other quick and easy hunger busting munchies! We have grab & go snacks at the shop these are easy to stash in your pocket and snack on in the lift line. 

Gear & Equipment

  • No surprise but if you're coming out to Winter Park for a ski trip, you're gonna need ski gear! Plan to bring, rent or buy: skis, ski boots, helmet & poles.  Rent your skis here to save 20%.  
  • Snowboarders need a board, helmet, boots & leash.
  • Go-Pro or Camera - get a water and crash proof case so you can document all your adventures & don't forget to tag #epicmountainsports!